Infusion Center Solutions (ICS) is a membership organization of independently-owned, office-based infusion centers who want to streamline the complicated process of infuseable medications, maximize utilization, obtain referrals, implement best practices, and reduce costs for the healthcare industry as a whole.

A large part of the solution to our healthcare economic and nursing shortage crisis is to simultaneously decrease cost while maximizing productivity in a safe and controlled environment.  In the realm of infusions, this directly means steering patients toward office-based infusion centers and maximally increasing the utilization of available office-based infusion sites.


Currently, there are three options for infusions:  hospital-based, office-based, and home-based.

The cost of infusions at hospitals are exorbitant:  in fact, each patient that is transitioned from a hospital to an office-based infusion center saves their insurance carrier/employer up to $100,000 per patient per year.  Home-based infusions, on the other hand, while certainly convenient, create an untenable scenario of a 1:1 nurse: patient ratio at any given point in time; this further diminishes nursing utilization in a current nursing shortage crisis.

Safety, control, and sterility of the environment can also result in potential complications in the home setting.  Only office-based infusion centers possess all the advantages of appropriate nursing utilization (up to 1:4 nurse:patient ratio), flexibility of insurance coverage (medical vs. pharmacy), safe and controlled yet cost-contained environment, and the overall consistency to provide the needed resources to solve the cost/nursing dilemma.

ICS looks to leverage processes and technologies to

  • Increase the total number of office-based infusions
  • Help infusion centers improve the efficiency and economic outlook so they can stay independent
  • Align incentives between referrers, patients, infusion centers, industry, and payers
  • Improve the quality of office-based infusion by creating an industry standard and accreditation
  • Increase access and improve value
  • Collaborate with site-of-care initiatives
  • Partner with pharmacies, manufacturers, and payers for improved data and better outcomes

ICS was established in April 2017 to empower physicians and improve access to high quality sites of care. Our unique platform focuses onservicing infusions rather than the type/indication of the medication. We simply want to find the best value and outcomes for our patients, infusion centers, and industry partners.


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